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Hello people, I made it through the 11th week of 2018 and it’s been quite a bumpy ride. Throughout this week, I had a bunch of assignments to do on Monday, a yet relaxing rainy day on Tuesday, a nationwide school Walkout on Wednesday, a band performance on Thursday, and somewhat mediocre Friday.


Wake, prepare, school, home, work, sleep, and repeat. Your typical school day curfew. I’ve had a regular day at school, nothing that hard nor complicated. But the real problems start when I arrive back home from school. Unfortunately, because of my lazy weekend state, I barely did any productivity. Yet I had five [censored]  homeworks (all are hard). To make problems even worse, those assignments are due tomorrow. This stresses me out, being forced to do all of them tonight, despite the fact that I could not be able to to sleep at 23:00.


I did them all anyways.



Rain rain rain

I’ve been really hoping that there would be an (almost) rainy day for one day in the year. (an entire week could’ve been the better) On Tuesday, my hopes come true. It was raining. Seeing the rain and probably hearing it is always the most peaceful aspect as I tend to be more quieter during class. In fact, it’s been raining on and off for most of the day and nonstop overnight up until Wednesday when the weather begins to pipe down. I’m glad that I made the most of it before the sun begins to shine down.


Otherwise, my day was typical as what you expect it to be.



Achieved mid-week and I’m halfway through, only 2 more days of school until the weekend kicks in. It wasn’t a normal Wednesday because on that day was the Nationwide school walkout. It was to commemorate the one month tragedy of the Parkland Florida School Shooting. Before the walkouts, there was a 5-minute moment of silence on my school’s football field, and most students didn’t even show up in class today because of those demonstrations. From what I’ve heard from others around me, in San Francisco every student would gather around civic center and right on front of City Hall.

The rest of the day is well, just like any other Wednesdays.

For me however, I didn’t go because my parents didn’t want me to leave school unexcused and I would become in trouble.


Somewhat of an OK day, it’s the fact that I forgot to finish up a project for a class and now I was having a panic attack (silent though) during the entire 6th period. The rest of my classes were as normal as they can be. My band teacher told us about a mass rehearsal after school during 5th.  In 7th period (Algebra II), it was the most bland and boring class that I’ve ever sat into.



After school, I had a band rehearsal to go to. But I was feeling hungry. I went out with a couple of friends to get boba. But there was a problem, the rehearsal starts at 15:30 and we are down there at 15:15. My friend ordered lots of drinks and we were waiting for almost 30 minutes. I was getting nervous so I texted my band teacher.

When we recieved our drinks, we started sprinting as fast as we can to make it on time. I knew I wasn’t a good runner so I felt exhausted. We tried to take the bus and soon enough it was another one of those Commuter Hell situations. The bus driver didn’t want to go until everybody was behind the yellow line. When we finally arrived back at school it was too late. The rehearsal was finished and I missed the entire thing. Shortly, I went home crossed.


When I came back to school, I was getting things ready for tonight’s band performance. We were going to play at the Asian Art Museum I’ve got everything covered. I play the tuba and had a hard time carrying it around. The band only performed two songs and that’s all.

As I was getting ready to load the bus, I see that City Hall is illuminated in many colors:

SF City Hall

San Francisco City Hall with rainbow colors illuminated


At the end of the day (night), it was a very good performance indeed.



Finally, the end of the week, I was feeling so tired yet sleepy last night from the concert. And yet I a lot of things to do for the day ahead of me. To sum things up quickly: I’ve had a quiz in Chemistry, a story to write in French, notes to copy in US History, a test in Engineering, and an activity to do for American Literature.

Lunch, though was really long because the school was hosting a summer job fair. I was seemingly interested in some jobs and programs (most are paid.) I would like to work over the summer just to learn a good experience and eventually, earn some money!



Phew, this is the longest Daily Discussion that I’ve typed (also the longest post on CerealBowl by far) despite the fact that it’s talking about the entire week. Now that my work here is done, I can enjoy the rest of my Saturday relaxing.


Have a nice day!


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