Hi everyone, I’m back from school to take time to finally post something new. This past week was quite interesting b/c I attended a convention for the first time, and had a pretty ‘interesting’ class debate about something. It’s about finally time that I’m going to update this blog and hopefully do some spring cleaning (my site is a complete mess) and commit to keeping this site active.

Monday & Tuesday

It began like any other average week: school, work, sleep, repeat.  But my Monday morning was kind of  “below average”. I had to make last minute changes to my research topic because it doesn’t have some kind of  ‘data’ it can manage (yes it’s Computer Science). The paper itself is due at the end of class on Wednesday and it placed me on a tight deadline to gather as much sources and knowledge as I can and slap it onto a Google Doc (Luckily I had the entire class time to do it). There isn’t really anything else to talk about during those two days.

Everyday life.



I’ve spent last night making tremendous progress on my computer research paper (or watching YouTube). I might’ve spent up until 11 pm doing creating an ‘artifact’ to depict what was going on.

I was about to put something related to the project here… But because of the College Board’s restrictions about posting work onto other places, I might as well not so bear with me.

I was supposed to get a haircut on that day…. but ended up not because the barber shop was “busy”. Yeah….. :/ (and I got food thereafter)



Probably the most interesting day. I get to skip school (no, it’s a field trip). As the form described, ” Student is on their own  to get to/from place of activity”. Luckily, I happen to live nearby a SamTrans bus stop and it only took about 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic.

An inside view of a SamTrans bus en route to San Francisco, 2019 (colourized)

I gotta say that these buses look alot nicer than Muni and less crowded (despite those Commuter Hell) situations). They run somewhat quiet and have that nice low tone engine noise (gotta love that). Aesthetic wise, for me it looks cleaner and more open (and really white).

The TEALS Fair (Convention)

Part I: Meeting up.

I arrived way early before the event even began. Fortunately, there was a nearby Dunkin Donuts close by so I walked over there, bought a simple glazed doughnut and chill in the time being. I wasn’t going alone however, I was accompanied by a few other classmates that are in the same class. The convention was about some career stuff in the field of Computer Engineering, involving a lot of tech companies. (including, but not limited to: Google, Microsoft, Tesla, YouTube, and many more)

It was around 08:12, and me and a couple of other classmates were just waiting outside on the convention center entrance waiting for more people to show up. By that time, more staff and volunteers were just coming in getting everything ready for today. One of my friends brought a 12 lbs steel ball in a bag for reasons that I’m not going to disclose here. (for privacy reasons duh)

I was expecting more people from my school to show up but sadly it was just a handful of students from our school compared to a full sized class that arrived in big fancy motor coaches (tour buses / school buses you know) while we either take Uber or take public transportation.

Upon entering, we recieved a lanyard, a plastic bag to put our goodies in, and a raffle card; which we would hand in later to get our lunch and enter some sweepstakes giveaway. To enter the raffle, we have to get stickers from a bunch of booths.

I got fascinated when the prizes were a Surface Go, an Xbox One S, and a electric scooter. I’ve wanted to get a Surface Go so I can use it to finally draw stuff with a pen on a screen and use it as a secondary computer.

Part II: The Convention

The moment the doors open, everyone was jam-packed to get inside. The exhibitor hall was instantly crowded by students from all over the Bay Area (Mostly the peninsula). There are booths grouped together and spread out all across the exhibitor hall each offering what technology they have and field of computer science they are catering.

At each booth, we are presented about which program or company does in the computing industry and have a good brief explanation. To get a sticker for the raffle ticket, we either have to be engaged towards the presentation or do a little activity such as trivia or some hands on stuff.

Strangely enough, there was a Tesla in the hall for everyone to interact with. We were just messing around with the car and had a good time. I’m not saying that I’m surprised that it’s the first time I’ve been inside a Tesla (and not the last), I’ve seen one in the streets and interacted with it in the past.

The most fun part about the TEALS Fair was that that there were VR Headsets that anyone can use. (Including Hololens). Despite the long lines, it was a fun experience. I never played on VR before so that was my first time. It was weird when I put the headset on b/c I don’t know really where I’m going in reality. However, it turned out to be very fun. (I suck at Beat Saber though.)

Part III:Lunchtime and Raffle Contest

It was now 13:00 and the exhibition hall was now closed. The food that the fair provided was much better than school lunch (obviously). I had a turkey sandwich accompanied with a bag of chips, mustard/mayo, and water. It was then that a ‘spokesperson’ from Microsoft presented us a link to a survey and afterwards announced the winners of the raffle.

I was feeling very anxious about the winners b/c I really wanted to win that Surface Go. In the end, I was feeling a bit disappointed but had a great time there learning about the fields of computer science.


It’s your everyday typical Friday, tests and quizzes comes by every now or then but that’s normal. It was just a regular day until 6th period comes rolling by (Economics). The class is full of loud people (very normal for my class) and we were just taking notes about banks and investments.

As soon as we reached the fourth slide of notes, one student sitting in the corner randomly asked “Are the clouds still or are they moving?”  Luckily my teacher is clever enough and replied: “If you stare at the clouds long enough, then you can see that it’s moving.”  That didn’t stop her from going into an in-depth explanation about somebody telling that the Earth is moving and the sky is still. It sparked a debate between both sides of the class to believe that the clouds are not moving. It was pretty dumb but kinda interesting to hear what students had to say.

Was much a class debate.

It’s funny that this all happened towards the end of class and I’m just feeling exhausted from this school work I had to bear. This debate already made my day for the rest of school.


In Conclusion…

Not my best writing (but at least I had something to do) and pure laziness all contributed to me finishing up my daily discussion for this past week. I really need to work on this skill (like really, I suck at it) more often… Probably soon posts like these would be entertaining (or interesting)… to say at least.

That’s all I had to say

Good Evening everyone 🌇.

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